Health benefits of positive thinking and optimism | Power of positive thinking

For the mind and for the body, positive thinking is essential. It doesn’t not only make positive thinkers healthier and less stressed but also helps to increase concentration.

A person with negative thinking can affect many areas of your health and well-being. So if you tend to be pessimistic and have negative thinking habits then don’t depress. Because no one born with positive thinking. It does not come naturally to you. Everybody needs to start cultivating affirmative thoughts and minimizing negative self-talk in order to develop positive thinking and optimism.

Health benefits of positive thinking

Here are plenty of benefits of optimism and positive thinking that you can learn to be optimistic and positive thinker:

Stress Relief:

Being optimistic helps to bring positive thinking and positive thinking is a crucial part to overcome stress problems and managing stress. Along with stress management, it also comes with numerous health benefits like an increase in concentration, a decrease in anxiety, and a reduction in pain.

Improve our psychological and physical health:

To be psychologically and physically healthy, positive thinking plays a significant role. If we talk about improving psychological health, a person with positive thinking changes the way of thinking, feeling, and acting as we cope with life whereas good physical health reduces feelings of stress and depression and improves your mood, and gives enough quality sleep every night. Take care of your psychological and physical health as both psychological and physical health are connected.

Improve Your Resilience:

The more you are resilient, the more you have the ability to cope with problems. Instead of falling into a stressful situation, resilient people are able to face a situation or trauma with strength and try to fix the problem. Optimism may make people adopt healthier lifestyles, such as following a healthier diet, exercising more, and managing stress, which may account for the huge difference.

Better stress coping skills during difficult situations:

Instead of regretting the things that went wrong or wasting their energy focusing on things they can’t change but still an optimist people try to fix the situation. They continue trying to find a way to resolve difficult situations and have the contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases:

An optimistic approach lowers your chance of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and reduces the risk of death. People with higher optimism can have a lower risk of heart failure and live a long life compared to those with lower levels of optimism or pessimism.

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6 ways to practice self-acceptance naturally | Self-improvement

If you think self-acceptance can be achieved overnight then you are wrong. It involves perseverance, patience, and practice to get closer and closer to the goal. To love yourself right and to treat yourself well improves the way of living life and you’re able to accomplish so many things.

To know that how do you feel about you is more of an inside job than an outside job. Once you feel happy on the inside, the whole things become easier to change the outside. It sounds like you only are responsible for your own happiness and experience. 

“Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life.” 

 Mandy Hale

Self-acceptance is one of the most significant factors to be happy and to feel satisfied in life. It assists your self-esteem and self-confidence soar, and get a chance to realize that how we feel about us more of an inside than outside.

6 ways to practice self-acceptance naturally
6 ways to practice self-acceptance naturally

Here are 6 ways to start your journey to self-acceptance:

Stay positive:

Always looking positive all-around can make your day better even in a negative situation. Positive people around you help to stay positive and lift you instead of dragging you down. To stay positive, you can also spend time reading positive thinking books, watching inspirational movies, or listening to good music. Read about 11 ways to build a positive attitude.

Read here: 11 Simple ways to stay positive

Accept who you are:

Rather than wasting time to know about others and comparing yourself to someone else is better to find the time to know who you are?. Knowing yourself can be worth spending time. Know about your strength, your weakness. Stop obsessing over your perfection, celebrate yourself every day, and value yourself. This way we can gain self-acceptance and enjoy our own journey.

Forgive yourself:

In order to gain growth and self-acceptance, forgiveness is essential. In life facing failures and making mistakes is a process of life. Without them, growth is impossible and we will miss learning valuable lessons of life. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes, learn from the mistakes, and be ready to forgive yourself if things don’t change quickly enough.

Believe in yourself:

Most of the problems solve when you start believing in yourself. Believe in yourself brings all these benefits. Gradually you start recognizing your ability to go closer to the goals and find the capability to accomplish goals. ​You became optimistic about the future and have the guts to set goals and achieve them. ​Deep down inside, you know you can do anything, strong and powerful being.

Laugh at yourself:

Do you know that laughing at yourself can boost your health, handle your life better, manage your pain better, and many more things apart from helping you to start your journey towards self-acceptance. So don’t forget to have a laugh and be ready to feel good and worrying less.

Be kind to yourself:

You can be your own worst enemy so don’t judge yourself harshly for not being perfect. Be patient with yourself, and accept your flaws. Take care of your mind and body.

I hope you find this post helpful and love reading it.

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Sunshine Blogger Award by Chocoviv blogger

Hey everyone!! How are you doing?

Today I have nominated by blogger Chocoviv. She is a lifestyle blogger, a mommy blogger who loves to share what she loves!. She is very active on her blog, volatile and supportive blogger. Please have time to visit her meaningful and interesting blog Chocoviv and have a happy reading.

Here are some question asked by

1) Who is the most famous that you have met so far?

Ans: I haven’t get chance so far to meet someone famous but I’m looking forward definitely.

2) Why did you start blogging?

Ans: For exposure, writing, sharing, learning and career development.

3) How did you start using social media platforms?

Ans: When i heard from my friend circle.

4) What social media platforms are you on? Leave a link!

Ans: I’m active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Here is the link of those.




5) Where do you like to do you writing?

Ans: There is not the fixed place to do my writing. Lively and peaceful place, i choose. I believe changing place and environment helps to change our mindset in a positive way.

6) Do you like writing on paper or by typing?

Ans: I like writing by typing than paper.

7) Android or IOS

Ans: Android

8) Do you watch anime?

Ans: I love to watch cartoon😛

9) Do you write poetry?

Ans: Never tried but one day i would like to try it. It’s good to add in my skill list.

10) What do you do when you have a writer’s block?

Ans: I try to catch some inspiring thing and try to implement.

11) Leave a link to a blog post that you like from your blog!

Ans: Blog post link: What is empathy and know why it is important

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What are 7 ways to practice “NO” to negativity? | Self-improvement

7 ways to say NO negativity, self-improvement tips

Negativity doesn’t affect our attitude but also our energy level. The human brain has an in-built tendency to focus more on negative things than on positive things. To go with negativity will not help us to go far while it’s important to say “no” to negativity and lean the scales towards a positive attitude in order to be at our best consistently and be true to who we are.

Here are 7 ways to Say No to Negativity. By saying NO to negativity, we can reap the benefits of improved attitude, better relationships, and more happiness.

Related: 11 Simple ways to build a Positive Attitude.

#1 Set reasonable goals: Goals and purpose makes our life smoother and more satisfying and gives the best feeling at the end of the day. Therefore our move should be smart and wise towards setting goals. Set realistic goals which we would actually like to achieve. Not that kind of goals which seem huge, intimidating and difficult to attain.

The satisfaction we get in reaching these smaller goals at the end will motivate us to reach the next one. However, be clear and aligned with a purpose and begin to create reasonable goals that will fuel life with purpose without negativity.

#2 Be mindful to detox from bad news and people: “Mindfulness is the key to win positivity”. It brings the quality of being conscious or aware of something to experiences. We consciously start paying attention to what we are consuming, why, and how it makes us feel.

For instance: If we find that listening to the news and meeting with people spike our stress levels, or disrupts our sleep then tune into something more positive at these vulnerable times. This is being possible because of our mindful behavior.

#3 Turn problems into challenges: Who doesn’t have problems? I think problems exist in everyone’s life and it may lead to negativity in the life of many but if we take problems as challenges then problems will not be problems. By doing so we can say bye-bye to negativity.

#4 Communicate explicitly about vision and values and strictly stand for them: In order to deal with any negativity, we need to explicit about what we will or will not tolerate. Choose which type of conversation we want to have. It will make the conversation tolerable and negative free as well as make us able to have our inner positive potential. So it is up to us, we have to think that what to choose and what to discard.

#5 Shift focus towards the light and feed mind with positivity: Focusing on darkness will never help us to eliminate darkness and find the difference between light and darkness. In order to avoid negativity, immerse ourselves in positivity, whether that’s through watching or listening to things that are uplifting, or reading self-development books. This way, we can avoid negativity and can strengthen our minds to focus more on positivity rather than negativity.

#6 Be aware of people’s patterns and tendencies: Sometimes we cannot avoid negative people especially if they’re close family members, relatives, or even a life partner. Here we need to have conscious conversations and knowing patterns and tendencies what triggers them to become negative. It makes us able to not talk more with them and can direct the conversation to other topics.

#7 Value self-acceptance: Celebrating one’s trumpet is encouraged but we should not forget to appreciate the fact that we are valuable. Remind time to time that we are an achiever and we are enough. It is a very encouraging act for ourselves and to accept ourselves as we are. Read more

Stop comparing ourselves to others and start knowing our strengths and being happy with our flaws. Sooner and later this kind of nature will help to strengthen our skills and habits and increase the sense of freedom, self-worth, self-reliance, and self-esteem. By being our own motivation can help to keep away negativity.

So these are 7 ways to strengthen our minds to focus more on what’s positive and say “no” to negativity. If negativity prevails around us then we should be responsible for this. We are individually responsible for what we allow into our minds.

I hope you find this post helpful and love reading it.

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Why “HOPE” is important for living? | LifeQuote

Why hope is important | hope and survival

Quote of the day:

The hope gives us a hope to live in a hope.

Crucial notes

Hope, desire, and belief, all are interconnected. If we have hope, desire and belief come automatically in our life.

Because of hope, we want an output that will improve our lives, we expect pleasant future, and believe that things will change for the better.

Life without hope faces stress and adversity. In studies, hope may help people cope with feelings of anxiety, stress and allows them to approach problems with a positive mindset.

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Importance of planning and why is it important?

Make a plan then plan will make you productive.

Crucial Notes

Here is some point to know about why planning is important:

  • Right use of time.
  • It saves the efficiency of resources.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Provides possible assistance in decision making.
  • It maintains good control.
  • Open the doors to achieve the objectives easily.
  • Reduces the chances of risk.
  • Proper planning encourages innovation and creativity.

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Hey everyone!! How are you doing?

Today I have nominated by blogger POETIC_HEART. I (crucial notes) recently came across her blog but got noticed a lot. She is volatile and pens her thoughts beautifully. Her thoughts seem transparent and real. She writes on Poetry, Motivation, Inspiration, and Quotes. Visit her blog POETIC_HEART and have a happy reading😊.

Here are some question asked by POETIC_HEART:

1.How much time do you spend in WordPress?

Ans-Haven’t counted, it depends on time.

2.Why is writing important to you?

Ans-I believe it helps me to make my thoughts transparent and positive inside out.

3.What motivates you in life?

Ans-To help myself and others.

4.The happiest moment you ever had on wordpress?

Ans-When my first post got noticed after such a long wait and patience.

5.Do you talk to yourself? If so, what do you really talk to you?

Ans-Yes!! I talk to myself😛 and I believe it helps. When I feel down, I keep whispering such lines like “you are strong”, “you are enough”, “be yourself”.

6.Who is the one blogger that always bring a smile on your face?

Ans-There are many😊

7.Are you a Speaker or a Listener?

Ans-Well, I’m an ambivert, so when I have to speak, I speak and when I have to listen, I listen. I maintain the balance.

8.What are the lessons you wished you learned earlier.

Ans-Never underestimates the power of individuality/ originality and expressing empathy. I recently published a blog on “what is empathy and why it is importantClick here to know about empathy and its importance.

9.How do you cheer yourself up, if your feeling upset or sad?

Ans-Please refer to question no 5.😛

10.Who is your favorite blogger?

Ans-I have many bloggers in my list.😊

11.What do you think about POETIC_HEART.

Ans-A female blogger who beautifully penned her thoughts. Check her blog (POETIC_HEART) to feel a real connection with the world.

Thank you for reading!!

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11 Simple ways to build a Positive Attitude | Positive mindset

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is positive-mind.jpg

Often, we don’t realize the importance of a positive attitude and face problems most of the time. We don’t notice that the right positive attitude can help us to overcome problems and make up happy and positive. Visit why Positive Attitude Matters

Do you know that absence of a positive attitude can prevail unhappiness or critical attitude over happiness and an easy-going attitude? It can make it hard to lead a life as we want.

Remember, a positive attitude could be the reason to attracts prosperity, peace, and happiness, and only one can have a positive attitude who observes their thoughts so as to identify problems and try to mend them.

Having a positive attitude requires someone to be healthy both physically and mentally. Negative thoughts can creep on someone’s mind and cause him to start becoming stressed, tired, annoying, angry, etc.

Therefore, one has to train himself to look for a positive attitude which can be done when a person starts the day or ends the day cause it refreshes the mind and can cause some to be happy.

Here are 11 ways to build a positive attitude in life:

#1 Listen to good music. Music can help us to distract from negative situations, and carry strong vibes.

#2 Don’t do anything passively. It might create boredom and in boredom, no one can be productive and positive.

#3 Be aware of negativity and ready to overcome it.

#4 Enjoy solitude. Solitude has many benefits but one of the most important benefits is that it helps to increase productivity.

#5 Do daily exercise. It improves our mood in positive way.

#6 Take time for hobbies instead of having chaos.

#7 Celebrate yourself, probably we have made many mistakes but still be kind because we haven’t given up, you are still trying.

#8 Ignore toxic things, talk and people. They can never make us feel happy.

#9 Find a way to measure progress, and then measure it and improve it and then measure it and improve it and go on.

#10 Set reasonable goals and start working bit by bit on a daily basis.

#11 Take problems as a challenges and fight as we are going to win the game.

Understand the value of Positive attitude, hence it can lead to success and happiness. Control thoughts because our thoughts determine our feelings and actions. So whenever any negative thought comes to our mind, immediately replace it with a positive one. 

Train mind by following these given 11 tips to develop a positive attitude. This way we can train our mind to think positively. Besides all are given 11 ways to build a positive mindset, reading inspirational and motivational quotes on a daily basis is also a helpful way to overcome negative thoughts and instill a sense of optimism for our ownself.

I hope you find this post helpful and love reading it.

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Why we shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes | Self-improvement

From continuous improvement to continue growth, making mistakes and failing in life is quite normal. There is nothing wrong with that. In my opinion, without commiting mistakes, we would not be aware about our weaknesses. We wouldn’t know where we need to improve or what to focus on first.

Making mistakes is inevitable to learn something which we can’t learn to go straight. But remember, repeating and exaggerating the same mistakes are as harmful as not committing mistakes ever. Make sure we don’t repeat the mistakes because the problem starts from where.

Mistakes in abundance can create chaos but without making mistake we have chaos already

Crucial Notes

Things often go wrong when we attempt something for the first time. But we forget that without trying and doing anything, success will not come to our doorstep.

However, fear of embarrassment, fear of being considered less competent, and fear of being mocked make them timid enough to commit mistakes, own them, rectify them, and learn a lesson out of them but if you are someone who’s not afraid of making mistakes will know the benefits of making mistakes. Let’s see why we shouldn’t afraid of making mistakes. Here they are:

  • Mistakes make us more knowledgeable.
  • Makes us able to face and deal with danger or fear without flinching.
  • It assists us to discover our own style to see things.
  • Teach you to live life without regrets.
  • Helps us to grow and develop.
  • Remove the hesitancy, indecisiveness, and vacillation.
  • Gradually give chance to enhance leadership quality.

Do mistakes in order to learn”

Crucial Notes
Don't be afraid to make mistakes

We shouldn’t feel embarrassed by our mistakes even learn and celebrate from the mistakes. We need to change our perspective. Don’t live in the fear of making mistakes, move beyond your fear. Make mistakes and be ready to take the taste of the progress of your life.

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