English Idioms with meaning and examples Part 4 | ‘नजर रखना’ English में कैसे बोलेंगे #shorts

English idiom is a phrase which serves different meaning of the individual words.

For example : Keep an eye on

Meaning: You are saying to keep the things under careful observation.

English Idioms make your english stronge. If you have heard carefully, english native speakers use english idioms very often in their communication.

Idioms play very important role in english language, if you want to speak like a native speaker, try using english idioms in your daily english communication.

Lets make some example using english idiom ‘keep an eye on’:

English idioms with meaning and examples

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Basic vs Advanced English | Stop using ‘very’ | Replace ‘very’ with advanced english words #shorts

 In this video we will talk about basic to advanced english words. Well, if you are a english learner and dreaming to become advanced. Here is a tip for you, don’t stop learning advanced English words.

Apart from focusing grammer, pronunciation, try to enhance your english vocabulary. A good english vocabulary collection helps in our english speaking fluency and makes us sound advanced.

Let’s see, how we can avoid using ‘very’ and replace with advanced english words:

Basic vs advanced english words

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Formal vs Informal words in English | Difference between Formal and Informal | Learn with Examples #english

Lets start with the difference between formal and informal english words. There are some reasons to vary difference between formal and informal styles. Both are serve for different purposes.

The tone we use, the choice of words we use to communicate and the way to present the words makes the difference between formal and informal language.

Now lets talk about some formal and informal words in English :

Formal vs informal language

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