Once it breaks, impossible to put it again. It comes first then love. Trust is the main reason to proof how much you love?? Without trust your love is hollow and short.

Very important and precious one to move your life in right direction without this your life is incomplete, you lose:

  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Satisfaction
  • Your comfort

So keep it safe and care it, don’t make it the reason not to finding or losing love, satisfaction, your happiness and comfort👍make it strong🙂

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Thank you readers

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Something is better than nothing

Don’t forget, each and everyone starts from nothing to something. “Nothing” is your initial stage where everyone stands first and “something” is that stage which everyone makes different.

So never stop yourself to switch from nothing to something just think that for making something different, I have to do something✌Nothing doesn’t work.

Be different, be a workaholic.

Thank you readers

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So cultivate good thoughts, good knowledge to read you by everyone so that they can learn somethings from you and can transform to others. This chain will help people. It’s possible only when you do it with your area of interest🤘 not because your elder wants or because they are successful so you want too😬

Keep reading, keep writing and keep smiling always😊

Thank you readers✌

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Don’t loose your value

Live with thought, i’m valuable✌is a great and special feeling, powerful as well🙂 you get your own way, it makes special place for you.

To be valued, your confidence is must and whatever you decide should be as strong as your bones and muscles😜. I mean you are healthy and smart enough to think confidently and behave confidently. Have trust in yourself. No matter what is society’s rules?? and what does society want?? It should not be matter because you value your decisions, your decisions matters. Don’t have space for doubt. Remember, self-doubt cuts your confidence.

“If you don’t value yourself. Why should anyone else??”

So don’t raise a question mark in your life, why I should value you?? This is your duty, your responsibility. Do it honestly😊✌and be valued.

Keep writing, keep reading.

Thank you my fellows🙂

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Be careful of your behaviour with others..

Good behaviour” is the best policy to be successful and friendly😊.

It plays vital role to create friends or foes, success or setbacks. Your unbalanced behaviour could reduce your friend list, it could make you friendless too😒.

So be careful of your behaviour, always show your good and decent behaviour😊 with others.

Thank you readers✌

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Bloggers Recognition Award

Yeah!! again new award😊. I appreciate those who created this idea. These awards give chance to mix and mingle with one another.

Now come to the person who made my smile who gave me this opportunity and nominated me for this award. First of all, I want to say that she is fond of photography so if you like photography too then you should not take a second to check her blog. Along with taking candid natural shots, she writes outstanding, her ways of writing is so relatable and inspiring. Maybe you start loving nature if you don’t. So do check out for sure. It’s worth reading.

The Rules:

  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Thank the one who nominated you and provides a link.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give advice to new bloggers.
  • Nominate other bloggers you want to give an award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know about their nominations

The story behind starting the blog:-

My best friend, my life mate, my saviour. Don’t get confuse😛 i’m talking about my husband😊who told me about the blogging.

Because i’m helpful kind of person. I don’t think ever like Do i know he/she?? Will they return it?? Will they say “thank me”??? Nothing, but i only think that it will give me happiness, life’s satisfaction, encouragement to encourage others.

So he helps me😊out and tells me about WordPress, a very outstanding platform for beginners. He gave an idea that you can write for worldwide and can help through your writing🙌. I hope, whatever I write, must be inspiring and helps you in your daily life?? let me know in the comment section 😊

Guys, I know, am not good enough and not having enough experience in writing. There is many more to go😇 It’s been about six month journey in writing but intending to keep till my life🙏because i’m enjoying to be around you all my fellow bloggers😇. You all are fantastic. You are giving me more than i give you. I have experienced a lot and yet going on😆✌


My advice to new Bloggers:



We all belong to the same community so it’s our duty to show our support and love to one another and promote to one another. We all have the chance.

My nominees are:-





Again thank you Himanshi, The World From My Eyes

Keep writing, keep blogging

Thank You Reader 🙂