Always be happy

Stop murmuring about your bad time to yourself and stop to others as well. To see their sympathy in your bad time just comes to down you. It does not solve the problem.

Guys, it’s just like eraser that works to erase what you write wrongly and give you chance to correct your mistake. So imagine the bad time like that, erase your bad time through your positive nature and get ready for good time😊.

Always keep smiling✌

Keep reading, keep writing.

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No comparison, no fight🙌

Sometimes people actually forget their own flaws, their own mistakes. They just be busy to point others mistake and making comparison with themselves. They want to see others as perfect in everything.

They think that if i’m good then he/she should be good at the same and if they don’t find like that then they start fighting.

Remember one thing👇

“Fight left nothing except regret and unhappiness”

This kind of nature actually let you stop to see their good qualities and start making comparison.

“Everyone has something unique so recognize it instead of making comparison”

If you want to live your life without fight and comparison. So solve this issue and think like No one is perfect✌. It will make your life easy and peaceful💮

Thank you reader🙂

Keep reading, keep writing.

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